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What is health surveillance and why is it required?

Health surveillance is a form of health check which are required by law for any employees which are exposed to any of the following situations, noise, vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents, any other hazardous substances or compressed air.

Regular Health Checks

Carrying out regular health surveillance is important for detecting the early stages of any ill effects of work, allowing early prevention to be put in place. It allows for employees to raise any concerns they might have about work affecting their health, which can provide great feedback for the current control measures that are in place.

Legal Requirement

Health surveillance is a legal requirement in industries which expose staff to any of the following, loud noises, ongoing vibrations, Ionising radiation, solvents, toxic fumes, dusts, biological agents, hazardous chemicals, compressed air.

Risk Assessments

When you carry out risk assessments, these should be to identify what health surveillance is needed for each employee to keep the work force both safe and effective. It is a legal requirement which shouldn’t be used as a wellbeing check or as part of a promotion to healthy living.

Control measures that you may have implemented from your risk assessments are not always reliable control measures and health surveillance can help your company detect any ill health effects as soon as possible.

Hazardous industries range across the board to areas such as, agriculture, motor vehicle repair, foundries, metal work, ceramics, food, welding and construction.

Latus Health

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