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Health & Wellness Screening

Looking after and promoting the health & wellbeing of employees is important in not only reducing sickness absence and the cost and inefficiencies associated, but also with developing a positive workplace culture and environment.

Whereas much of the workplace screening is a mandatory requirement by law, health & wellness screening is not. Just because it is not required by law, does not mean it does not play a huge role, especially in the modern day work place.

It is important as many employees now expect this to be included in their work package, and in order to remain competitive and an attract and retain the best talent, looking after the health and wellbeing of your staff in paramount.

By actively promoting health & wellbeing in your workplace, employers are already combating sickness absence, ill-health, chronic health issues, mental health and stress, all before it occurs.

Because good health is good business.


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What to Expect  in Each Medical:

‘Know Your Numbers’ Health Screening

Our ‘Know Your Numbers’ health screening is a simple, non-invasive health promotion, which aims to promote health & wellbeing in your workplace and help employees better understand their numbers.

Their numbers refer to important biometrics and measurements which may include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar/glucose (diabetes)
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • Visceral fat (fat stored around the organs)
  • Body fat
  • Hydration
  • Lifestyle questionnaire

Our health advisor will create an on-site clinic in a private meeting room, or we can come in one of our health screening mobile units or attend one of our clinics.

Well Person Medical

A Well Person Medical is a detailed health screening assessment that highlights potential health concerns that may require further investigation.

These medicals are specific to the individual, and their requirements.

The Well Person Medical may include:

  • Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Appointment with physiologist
  • MSK (musculoskeletal) movement assessment
  • Blood screening (full blood count, kidney function, liver function, cholesterols, iron profile, hormone analysis (specific to gender), thyroid function & vitamins)
  • Biological age, Eye age, Hearing age, Memory age and Inflammation score (i.e. risk of developing various illnesses).
  • Neurological assessment

Employees receive a report back with their results, highlighting areas of concern or improvement against recommended ranges, and actionable insights to improve these.

Each report includes comments from Doctor and clinician, and each employee has the option of speaking with a GP about their results.

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Our other Services:

Workplace Testing
& Screening

Health screening primarily focuses on employee’s health, before they start a specific job or task. Health screening allows a company to encourage preventative action before employees start work.

Occupational Health Services & Support

LATUS empowers businesses to think about improving employee health at work, not preserving it. We believe that the best businesses put employee well-being and health first.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is the monitoring of the health of employees and carrying out ongoing health checks to ensure that they are protected and supported when working.

Fitness For Work Health Assessments

Ensuring that your team’s working environment is free from any health and safety risks should be a top priority for business owners and managers alike.


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