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Occupational Health Services & Support

LATUS empowers businesses to think about improving employee health at work, not preserving it.

We believe that the best businesses put employee well-being and health first.

That’s why we deliver a best-in-class Occupational Health service, that is responsive, personal and with a greater attention to detail. This is occupational health done right.


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We provide Occupational Health services to the brands and partners you trust.

As one of the leading providers of occupational health services, we’re dedicated to helping you meet your legal obligations. Protecting the health and well-being of your staff is our business. Our occupational health specialists are here to help you every step of the way. Ensuring that your staff are fit for work and that their job isn’t affecting their health is our business. We have clinics based across the UK so wherever you are, you’re never far from our occupational health experts.


Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is the monitoring of the health of employees and carrying out ongoing health checks to ensure that they are protected and supported when working.

Management Referrals

A Management Referral is an assessment with an occupational health practitioner to provide advice and support to the employer and employee, on how to either remain or return to work safely.

Safety Critical & Fit-for-Work Medicals

Some industries require workers to have a Safety Critical Medical & Fit For Work Medical assessment prior to them starting work on a particular site or role.

Workplace Testing & Screening

Workplace assessment and screening to provide preventative measures for employees, to mitigate against ill-health effects.

Workplace First Aid Training

Train your teams to ensure compliance and provide care & support to employees when they require it.

Workplace Mental Health Support

Mental Health Qualifications – Train your teams to ensure compliance and provide care & support to employees when they require it.

Health & Wellness Screening

Assess the effect of lifestyle, family history and other predisposition factors on an employee's health, to better ensure their long-term health and performance.

Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing is the process and testing of ensuring the correct fit of RPE.


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Latus is revolutionising occupational health and employee wellbeing.
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