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LATUS is committed to providing open and honest information on our working policies, our journey to creating a fully environmentally friendly business and our commitment to establishing fully remote occupational health services.

We are leading the way with

Occupational Health

The UK Healthcare industry has pledged to be Carbon-zero by 2040. We will be leading the way within occupational health, being the first and only fully remote OH provider.

Unnecessary travel to occupational health appointments is creating a greater carbon footprint for the OH providers. YODHA can significantly reduce this, whilst simultaneously improving health outcomes.

All businesses now have a duty to consider the carbon footprint of their entire direct and indirect supply chain. Through YODHA, Latus Health are helping organisations reduce the emissions associated  to their OH & wellbeing programme.

Committed to a Better Future


A Greener, healthier future

We are working towards a healthier, greener future for everyone. We believe that human longevity and the health of our planet go hand-in-hand. Digital health will be key to success.


Revolutionising the industry

The UK Healthcare industry has pledged to be Carbon-zero by 2040. We will be leading the way within occupational health, being the first and only fully remote OH provider.

Doing our Part

LATUS is committed to revolutionising the occupational health industry, not only with the services we deliver but how we work, how we live and how we support our employees and partners, as well as the world around us, to thrive.


LATUS has been 100% Carbon Neutral since 2021


So far LATUS has planted 234 trees as part of our wellbeing tree-planting days


We have supported our employees and partners to cycle, walk and utilise more environmentally friendly modes of transport


Through constant innovation and reinvention of how we work we have sent 3 tonnes less waste to landfill in 2022 than last year, a number we are committed to increasing year on year.


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Latus is revolutionising occupational health and employee wellbeing.
Integrated healthcare and wellbeing support for every employee, providing the care you need, when and wherever you need it.