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Why is health surveillance so important?

Health Surveillance is a statutory requirement carried out to help employers maintain a safe workplace and protect employees from permanent harm.

It’s essentially an annual workplace assessment conducted when employees are exposed to hazards that could affect their health, such as noise, dust, chemicals, and vibrations.

Latus Group services can be conducted at our clinics or on-site at your business, from one of our fully equipped mobile medical units.

This is what Latus Group Health Surveillance covers

Health Surveillance plays a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating workplace hazards. By employing health surveillance, employers can protect their employees, reduce absenteeism, and boost happiness and productivity within their organisations.

It acts as an early warning system for occupational hazards, so employers can analyse the data collected and determine any patterns occuring in ill-health, enabling them to prevent further damage and implement safety precautions to protect their employees.

Compliance is key

Health surveillance is a legal requirement in many industries so by following health surveillance guidelines, businesses can ensure compliance with occupational health laws and safety regulations. Non-compliance can have serious consequences, including accidents, fines and employee litigation.

Good health is good business

Health surveillance can promote many advantages for businesses. Firstly, a reduction in absenteeism. Work-related illnesses can lead to increased absenteeism, affecting productivity and organisational performance.

By detecting health issues early, businesses can take appropriate actions to prevent extended sick leaves, ensuring a healthier and more productive workforce.

Cost saving

While investing in health surveillance programs may appear as an additional expense, it can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Early detection and intervention can prevent costly medical treatments, work compensation claims and potential legal liabilities. A proactive approach to employee health is an investment that pays off in terms of reduced financial burden.

If you’d like to speak to us about health surveillance, visit our page and contact us with any questions.