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Secure 10% Discount Offer by booking before 31st May 2024

Latus Group is committed to providing our clients and partners with a dedicated flu clinic to provide maximum protection for every employee during the 2024 flu season, to minimise the impact of the flu virus on workforces.

With the NHS reporting three times more flu patients during the 23/24 flu season than the previous year, the demand for protection against the Flu is at an all-time high.

Each year, the growing demand for our flu vaccinations increases, therefore Latus Group have been committed in opening the bookings system early to allow clients to book in advance. We want to give you the reassurance that every employee can get the protection they need during the winter months.

Want to book yours? Look no further!


Benefits of the Flu Vaccination with Latus Group

  • NATIONWIDE PROVIDER WITH HUNDREDS OF TECHNICIANS: We’re one of the leading Occupational Health providers in the UK and with hundreds of our qualified LATechs on the road every day, wherever you are in the UK, we can service you!
  • REDUCE SICKNESS AND ABSENCE DAYS: Protecting your workforce from the flu decreases the number of sick days.
  • MINIMISE THE SPREAD OF THE VIRUS: By vaccinating your staff, you minimise the spread of the virus within your working community, and the wider community.
  • EMPLOYEE REASSURANCE: The most vulnerable employees in your workforce can feel reassured that their working environment is not a risk for their health, fostering a culture of safety and protection.
  • ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY: A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. By safeguarding your employees and showing dedication to their health, you can maintain optimal productivity levels throughout the winter months.
  • MANAGERS PERKS: We’ve got Managers covered. We’ll offer bespoke assets, posters, and marketing materials to help you spread awareness to your workforce. PLUS we’ll also offer discounts via our exclusive  YODHA rewards for every clinic booked.