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In the UK, staff absence costs the UK economy £77 billion. As well as the financial impact of absenteeism, there are other concerns for business. Absenteeism can reduce productivity, increase the risks at work and put the employees at work under greater stress which can lead to tiredness, overwork and burnout.

For organisations looking to save money, increase productivity and increase employee wellbeing, engagement and retention rates, reducing the risk of absence by prioritising employee health can be vital. One of the ways you can prioritise employee health is through workplace testing and employee medicals.

What is workplace testing and screening?

Workplace testing and screening is a way to take preventative and proactive care towards their employees. With tailored health checks and employee medicals, employers can ensure their staff are healthy, their wellbeing is prioritised, and they are safe when undertaking their work activities.

Depending on the industry and activity, each organisation will require its own tailored medicals. However, some aspects that could be included in an employee medical include:

Drug and alcohol screening

Organisations that can deter drug misuse can help to reduce the risk of accidents at work, ill health and lost productivity. In addition, with a robust policy in place, it can help to reduce employee healthcare and absence costs while also improving productivity, performance and mental health.

By promoting an anti-drug policy, the organisation shows its commitment to keeping everyone at the organisation safe at work.

Employee vaccinations

Employee vaccinations, such as a flu vaccine, can help to protect your whole workforce from the risk of illness and, therefore absence, making both employee welfare sense as well as the business sense and associated financial cost.

Promoting a healthy workforce can help improve staff morale and reduce disruptions to workloads, which can put extra pressure on the staff.

Face fit testing

For those working with respiratory protective equipment, a face fit test can help to ensure staff are fully protected from harmful fumes, dust and other substances that can affect the respiratory system.

Focusing on employee health

Latus Health offers a range of services to deliver comprehensive and tailored employee medicals to suit organisational needs. So whether you’re looking to promote anti-drug policies to align with company values or increase safety with PPE, Latus Health can create bespoke workplace testing to ensure your staff feel healthy, happy and that their safety is a priority.

To book your workplace screening, get in touch with our team today.