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We are all overly aware of the research to boost our immune system and be as healthy as possible – eat well, exercise, don’t drink, don’t smoke and loose weight.

But what if you are already fit and healthy and following the governments recommendations?

We are now advised to take additional vitamins C & D and anti histamines in our fight against this viral infection. But how do we know boosting one component within one area of our bodily functions wont unbalance other functions within our complex immune system? So how do we achieve the homeostasis our internal systems demand to boost our immunity ?

Homeostasis – balance

Eat fresh and varied as recommended but have the slice of cake – maintain that balance

Keep fit

Yes, definitely but not a HIT workout every day – walk the dog in the fresh air take the deep breathes and soak up the natural Vitamin D from the sunlight.

Boost your happy hormones

Doing something you enjoy will raise your serotonin levels to ensure you are as Mentally fit as possible to positively fight any disease.

Covid -19 has given us the luxury of time – time to re balance not only our world but ourselves as well, time to stop, and take stock. Time to smell the roses and take a step out of the rat-race and destress.

So, watch out Covid–19 as the most effective weapon we all have readily at our disposal against you is within ourselves!