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Our working environment has evolved over the years. These days employee engagement levels is considered to be key indicator to measure the success of any implemented Wellbeing programmes.

Why is workplace wellbeing so important?

Wellbeing programmes support the workforce health, including the physical, mental, work and life components of health.  The 5 main objective to have a wellbeing programme in place;

1. Increase Employee Productivity

Defined as presenteeism, low staff productivity can drastically affect a business’s turnover. When an employee is physically at their desk but isn’t doing any work, it isn’t just a waste of money for the company but is also a waste of time for the worker.

2. Decrease Employee Absence

Similarly to presenteeism, employee absences, or Absenteeism, has a detrimental effect on a business’s future. Workplaces that value wellbeing will experience reduced absences thanks to better health behaviours and stress management, including lower levels of anxiety and obesity

3. Improve Staff Retention

It can cost a company nearly twice as much to hire someone than it does to pay them for their first year of work. Based on an annual income of £15,000 a year, a business may spend £28,000 on that employee, taking into account training and benefits. As such, it is within the company’s best interest to reduce the turnover of staff.

4. Positive Health Benefits

Positive wellbeing can have physical benefits as well as mental, with employees more likely to adopt and maintain healthier habits thanks to wellbeing workshops. By making simple changes, we can all lower our health risks, which in turn lowers our chance of chronic disease and therefore absence from work.

5. Structure a clear Wellbeing Programme

With clear objectives and goals a structured wellbeing programme can help provide a cultural shift within your workforce and provide the results you require. Latus Health offers a 5 pillar wellbeing programme;

  • Move More
  • Eat Well
  • Think Great
  • Socially Connect
  • Rest Up

These 5 key pillars will help employees to make the simple change and mind set and help improve overall engagement.