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Facilitating a covid secure journey back to normality.


A groundbreaking new solution that will allow workplaces and public areas to get back to normal is being launched by Latus Health Partnership in association with VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE). The “V-Health Passport” is a world first, providing an end to end solution to manage risk of infection in the post-pandemic world.

The holder of a health passport will be able to present proof that they are free from the COVID 19 virus from their smartphone, key fob or lanyard printout, which can be scanned from outside the 2m safe distance zone. The fully closed and secure system, which prompts regular updates, will indicate the person’s current health status using traffic light colours, green, amber and red. Individuals will be able to confidently access venues, stadiums, shopping centres, cinemas, and airports as well as their workplaces. Managers of these venues using the system, will be able to promise that their site is COVID free.

Jack Latus, Managing Director of Latus Health Partnership with VSTE, is excited about the new technology to facilitate the opening up of public and workspaces to the general public. He says,

“People want to start getting back to normal life again, but they also want to make sure it is safe to do so. The V-Health Passport™ is a simple and completely effective way to ensure that we do things the right way.”

Once registered, users are tested for COVID by a trained technician. Once cleared, their passport is set to green for go. Each user is assigned a VCode® through an award winning, patented technology solution created and protected by VST Enterprises®. The system is a closed loop, which means that all information flows through the central system that is end to end encrypted. All patient information is secured and completely private. The only information that shows on the health passport is the user’s name, photo ID and the health status indicator colour.

The system reminds users when it is time to have the next follow up test, which maintains their health passport as valid in live time. Because the passport is very quick to scan, managing the movement of large numbers of people entering work or public spaces will be straightforward. VCode® is up to ten times faster than other image recognition technologies. Latus Health Partnerships with VSTE predicts that public confidence will increase with this reliable means and safe means to conduct safety checks and control for the virus.

The system is ready to use and system setup is fully supported for all governments, enterprises and businesses that would like to use it.

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