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A Management referral is a referral from an employer to the Occupational Health team, with regards to a particular employees health needs. So these are often undertaken for various reasons including absence management for wellbeing purposes and for potential capability cases.

So it may be that an individual has developed a health condition, such as diabetes or epilepsy and the employer needs to understand what they need to put into place to help keep that individual safe at work. So it could be that we have a conversation with that Individual assessing, their needs.

And whether we need to put any restrictions in hours, restrictions in rolls or whether they can continue in their normal working practices, an example of well-being support will be an individual that’s may be struggling with some personal issues and they have maybe over spilled into the work environment a little bit and what we do is have conversations about strategies to help them cope whilst at work or if any amendments again needed putting into place.

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