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The importance of a good fitting a face mask

The current Covid-19 pandemic has made face masks a common sight in the west for the first time in history. While it’s been suggested that any facial covering may help to reduce the spread of Covid-19 to some degree, it’s also been proven that ill-fitting masks are less effective than fitted masks.

For this reason, it’s important to have face masks properly fitted, especially for those people who are vulnerable or shielding as well as employees working in high-risk environments, such as care workers, doctors, dentists, and nurses. Dentists performing aerosol-generating procedures are particularly at risk of contracting the virus if a face mask is not correctly fitted.


”Latus Health supported us with the Mask Fit Testing requirements at our busy Dental Clinics.

From our first contact with Oliver through to our training with Andrew, we felt supported, in control and that our business needs were understood.

The standard of customer service and the quality of the training were exemplary and the training was designed and delivered around our business and delivered at a time that suited us.

We are very happy to recommend this friendly and efficient company to all our colleagues”

Deborah Parker | Practice Manager | Links Orthodontics

Why are Face fit testing so important?

Face fit testing is important because most respirator masks rely on having a good seal with the wearer’s face. If this seal is broken because the fit is not right, the efficacy of the mask is greatly reduced and virus particles will pass through the gaps. It’s recommended that fit tests are repeated whenever a new mask material or model is used, as well as when the wearer undergoes significant facial changes such as weight loss, dental work, or facial piercings.

Nowhere is this more crucial than in healthcare settings, where thousands of staff across the UK are at risk every day. Even prior to the pandemic, 12,000 lung disease deaths each year was linked to exposures at work, and amid today’s crisis, this statistic is likely much higher.

How are Face Fit testing performed?

A face mask test is performed by a qualified professional who has had training in mask fitting and will also know the current procedures to fit masks safely and while minimising the risk of transmission between themselves and the wearer. All types of masks that the wearer plans to use will be tested for individual fit, and during the course of the fitting wearers will be instructed in how to use their PPE in future to ensure a tight seal with every use.

To discuss our professional face fit testing services and ensure your PPE is Covid-secure compliant, please get in touch with LATUS Health on 01482 633048 or via our online form for a free quote and friendly advice.