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Recent events have highlighted the importance of boosting our immune systems and easting healthily. Whenever possible we should be helping ourselves and others to help increase our immune system with immunity boosting foods… but how do we do that?

Vitamin C

We all know Vitamin C is key go to when it comes to boosting our immunity. However, there is a number of other nutrients which are also very beneficial to boosting our immunity.

Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is a compound produced by plants and is converted by the body into vitamin A. Beta Carotene harbours potent antioxidant properties that fight the continuous onslaught of free radicals, which are highly reactive substances that attack and damage cells and, as such, it could lead to premature aging and disease. This compound is noted to stimulate and enhance many immune system processes. You can find beta carotene in sweet potato, cooked greens, apricots and many other fruits and vegetables, the way to spot it is to look for an intense colour in the product, the more intense the better.


Selenium is believed to have an important role in boosting immune function by strengthening the disease-fighting properties of phagocytes, the white blood cells that destroy invading micro-organisms. Brazil nuts, oats and seafood are fantastic sources of selenium.


Zinc bolsters the immune system to fight colds and other common infections. Red meat and poultry provide most of the zinc in any diet. A diet high in animal protein has more zinc absorption than a diet high in plant protein.