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Let’s get creative on how to embrace lockdown!

As we are all obviously feeling a sense of loss and for some complete isolation, it is important we use our imagination to get creative in ‘seeing / interacting’ with our grandchildren (and our children too) . It is all about keeping two-way communication channels open!

So I have listed some ideas to get you all started.

Go digital

Firstly and obviously the most common way is to skype/ facetime , video call to see the grandkids, but what if that is not always possible ? how about ‘cooking together’ the grandkids can bake buns, brownies etc and do a special delivery to grannies doorstep (as all grannies love brownies!) these delivery parcels could include pictures and messages from the children. Equally Grannie and Grandad could send homemade treats and messages back.

Discover online gaming

On line gaming for older grandchildren, as some grannies can actually play C.O.D, setting weekly challenges or playing against each other.

Not to be sexist but football/rugby is the usual male topic of conversation ! challenges to make your dream team will enable grandads/sons/grandsons to keep communicating and reduce the loneliness of isolation.

Memory books

For the technologically minded a video diary / photo memory book could be a nice way of keeping distant grandparents up to date of their rapidly growing grandchildren and a lovely keepsake.For the technophobic or those without internet access how about an old fashioned paper diary / scrapbook to share when lockdown is over – and an excellent way to keep young children entertained.

Find a interest connection

Addressing the potential negative impact to an elderly persons mental health is key to them surviving the isolation of lockdown. Finding a shared interest to maintain two-way communication and bridge the generation gap is key to remain connected, Grandads allotment has become our personal ‘keeping connected’ project. Great grandad grows the plants from seeds at home, we take turns to do the weeding and digging then grandad and the younger grandchildren do the planting we will of course all do the eating hopefully together soon – so to address the mental health risks we are subtly – growing more than just potatoes !