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playing your part in building a mental health friendly work environment

Supporting mental health in the workplace is important. In fact, when it comes to building a mental health friendly work environment, it’s not just down to management… it’s up to the whole team. So how do you encourage a mental health friendly work environment?


1 – If you see a colleague struggling, encourage them to seek appropriate support.

2 – Make it your responsibility to educate yourself on mental health stigmas, symptoms and support.

3 – Look after your own mental and physical health to be a positive example of how healthy living can improve mental wellbeing.

4 – Make mental health a regular topic of discussion around the office. Talk openly about feelings, and ask others how they are doing.

5 – Avoid asking generic questions; create a culture of genuinely supporting those who have the strength to admit they are struggling.

6 – Either individually, or with colleagues, apply daily mental exercises (like challenging intrusive thoughts) before stressful activities such as meetings or presentations.

7 – Be there for the people in your office, especially those struggling with their mental health. Showing signs of compassion and kindness is better than silence and distance.


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