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Welcome to the YODHA Portal

Latus Group will be transitioning you onto the YODHA occupational health portal. In doing so, you will be joining over 3,700+ other organisations who are prioritising the health of their teams, and getting access to a plethora of occupational health services and data at your fingertips.

A special welcome from our CEO,  Jack Latus

Get familiar with our YODHA bookings portal by watching our demo below, ahead of our switch from OHIMS

Chapter Headings:

Management Referrals Section
Refer an Employee
Ordering a new Management Referral
Reviewing exsiting referrals
Health Surveillance Section
Viewing the Health Surveillance report
Reviewing summary reports and trends
Last 3 examinations
PPQ’s Section
Assigning questionnaires to employees
Reviewing questionnaires to employees
Monitoring Questionnaire usage & transaction history

Your On Demand Health Anywhere – YODHA

At the end of 2023 we announced the successful acquisition of IDC, and now we are in the process of migrating customers over to our YODHA portal.

Latus Group want to make the transition seamless, so not only will our dedicated team be on hand to help you get set-up on the portal, we’re also offering private demo sessions with the team, as well as providing a thorough how-to video to help everybody get familiar with the system.

We appreciate your continued partnership, and as part of our commitment to customer excellence, we are excited to take you on the full Latus Group journey.

Book a one-to-one demo with the team


If you’d like our dedicated team to provide a one-to-one demo, please click the link below to book an appointment

What happens next?

The switchover to YODHA will go live on Monday 3rd June. After this date existing OHIMS clients will be able to access the system but will not be able to make referrals. All referrals will take place over YODHA.

You may be contacted by the team to discuss the transition. In the meantime, feel free to watch our thorough how-to demo video to familiarise yourself with the portal.

If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to the team on

Benefits of the transition

Appointment Efficiency
Investment in our IT platform enable us to conduct more health surveillance appointments per day, without sacrificing quality.
Real Time Status Updates
Log in to the portal at any time and see where each case is up to with real time status updates
Management Information
We understand that our role is not simply to carry out the testing and provide the outcomes, it is also to present the data to help you better make decisions.

Therefore, our YODHA systems identifies trends and patterns, enabling informed decisions about control measures in the work place

Helping you remain GDPR Compliant
All reports and certificates are available via our secure YODHA platform, ensuring you and your company remain GDPR compliant.
Control Access
We understand not everyone in your organisation will require the same access and visibility of occupational health records. Therefore we allow you to choose who has access to which areas and information.
Bespoke Questionnaires
All questionnaires are available, including pre-placement, night worker, lone worker, food handler, working at height and more plus there is the option to bespoke your questionnaires to best suit your organisation.

Questionnaires can also be translated into the majority of other languages.

Partnership approach
At Latus Group we are passionate about customer service, it is one of our core values, we see ourselves as a partner rather than a supplier.

Latus Group are one of the UK’s leading occupational health providers. We have the largest team of Occupational Health Technicians in the UK, backed up by a nationwide team of Occupational Health Nurses and Doctors, giving us the combined experience, skills, resources, and expertise to provide genuine nationwide coverage.

We provide a flexible and agile service to suit the occupational health needs of organisations, which includes a plethora of services and covers all shift patterns, including nights and weekends. We are passionate about customer service and developing long-lasting and valued relationships with our partners.

We will assist you in the following areas:
– Support your organisation to ensure compliance which supports growth
– Provide wellbeing services if required to ensure you have a fit and health work force, from talks and discussion to mini health checks to executive medicals
– Access to The Vault – An online wellbeing library with a wealth of information to support any health campaigns they can be white labelled to suit your organisation
– Power BI to assist in data management and trend identification to make informed decisions

Want to know more about the services Latus Group offer?

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