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Keeping fit is so important for not only diabetes prevention, but also diabetes treatment. Remaining active through life has lots of benefits. However for diabetics, it can actually help control the condition and prevent worsening or other long term illnesses. Furthermore, exercise can help lower blood pressure, reduce and maintain your weight, increase lean mass as well as increase metabolism.

According to studies from the American diabetic association, adults should exercise at least 30 minutes a day. This equals 150 minutes per week of moderate intensities. And with a calorie controlled diet, visceral fats can also be controlled.

Customarily, calorie deficit for diabetics is not as easy, as when a diabetic exercises, he/she will have to subsidise carbohydrates lost, with insulin to ensure blood sugar levels do not drop to a dangerous level therefore may find it difficult to lose weight.

However, research from Abertay university has suggested, High intensity training (HIT) increased blood sugar levels by 9% with supporting evidence Hit training actually prevents diabetes, and stops existing diabetes worsening. It’s achievable by performing short 6-10 second bursts of exercise raising the heart rate above anaerobic threshold. Then, recovering until the heart rate is within the recovery zone, then repeat.

According to researchers, the client taking part in 10 second burst of exercise will increase blood glucose levels naturally without the need for insulin. The body is taken through high intensities of exercise. It releases a ready source of glucose from the liver releasing it into the body.

Therefore HIT training is a perfect way for the client to use negative calories to lose weight.