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Excel from the start…

Health surveillance is a legal requirement on most working sites in the UK. Where to start for companies can be daunting, LATUS health can hep you excel at health surveillance and simplify recalls.

A visit in person to site will enable us to work with health and safety teams on site to establish each aspect of health surveillance that would be required on your site. Once the data has been collected a health surveillance register will be created and tailored to meet the needs of your site.

Once created a site visit will be arranged to explain how the register works and where to record the data in future.





As you can see a normal excel spreadsheet requires someone with a keen eye to spot when dates are due.

However, with a colour formula added to the register things become a lot clearer.

Immediately you can see who is overdue in Red, due soon in Amber and in date are Green.

The last Audio column is to show when the last Audio was carried out. This could be either a 1-year recall or 3-year recall depending on length of time in service.

The Amber will show within 2/3 months before they are due. This enables the site time to plan clinics.

If not required N/A will turn the box grey so clear to see not required. We can also create Clinic data sheets which run for 12months to help you plan your health surveillance in advance.

So, let LATUS Health help youExcel your health surveillance recalls TODAY.