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Fit for Work Assessments

Ensuring that your team’s working environment is free from any health and safety risks should be a top priority for business owners and managers alike.

You may think that the best – and only – way of achieving this is by removing any health & safety risks within your working environment. However, it is equally important to ensure that your team are fit and healthy to undertake their proposed job role by issuing Fit for work Assessments.


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Fitness For Work Health Assessments

The best way to ensure that your team are fit to carry out their proposed job role is by having them undertake a fitness for work health assessment. A fitness for work health assessment isn’t an individual assessment, but a collective term for a variety of individual health assessments, all specific to a person’s job role and / or industry.

The main aim of any fitness-for-work health assessment is to ensure that your employee is fit and healthy to carry out their job role. However, fitness for work health assessments also provides you with a baseline record of your team’s current health status, flagging any health issues that may need further investigation.

Our Fitness for Work Health Assessments include:

Airside Medicals

Annual Health Questionnaire

Confined Spaces Medicals

Driver Medical

Electrician Medical

Drug & Alcohol Screening

Food Handler Questionnaire

FLT Medical

Lone Worker Health Assessment

Musculoskeletal Health Assessment

New Starter Medical

Night Worker Questionnaire

Pre-Placement Questionnaire

Safety Critical Medical

Vision Assessment

Working at Height Medical


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