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Annual Health Questionnaire

Protect Your Staff With Our Annual Health Questionnaires

As an employer, your staff’s workplace health and well-being is your responsibility. You must take this seriously. Occupational health issues and diseases can be costly to your company and dangerous for your staff. You can do many things to monitor your staff’s ongoing health. However, one of the easiest is to have them complete one of our annual employee health questionnaires.


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Monitoring Employee Health

Our annual health questionnaire is a short questionnaire about your employee’s general health. This staff health questionnaire differs from a pre-placement questionnaire as it can be completed at any time during employment. We would also recommend using these questionnaires on an annual basis to monitor existing health issues and identify potential new issues. Upon completion, you’ll have a basic understanding of the health and wellbeing of your staff.  However, our annual health questionnaires are not a substitute for a more in depth medical assessment. Also, they cannot determine whether your employees are safe to work in a safety critical environment.

These employee health questionnaires are to monitor ongoing issues and identify when further action may be needed. We recommend that any employee undertaking an annual health questionnaire also undergo a role-specific medical.

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